What Happens When You Put Ice in a Deep Fryer?

Do you know what happens when you put ice in a deep fryer? If you don’t know then let us tell you what you going to face when this happened. Well, the first thing that you will encounter is a fiery explosion because of the huge temperature difference between hot oil and cold ice.

When the collision occurs between ice and hot oil, the ice tends to liquid from a hard frozen state within a second and that causes chaos and the explosion of fire. The hot oil will be split in the air surrounding the deep fryer. Depend on the amount of ice you put on the deep fryer the intensity of the violent reaction will vary. For a more in-depth explanation, read the following article.

What Is a Deep Fryer Used For?

Basically, a deep fryer is a kitchen equipment that we used for cooking food that needs to be deep-frying. Foods like wontons, french fries, fried chicken, egg rolls, etc. are the kind of food that we cooked on a deep fryer usually. This cooking appliance is mainly used in a restaurant. But you can also use it in your personal kitchen just like a Fish Fryer for cooking those foods that need deep frying before final consumption.

What Is a Deep Fryer Used For? 

What Happens When You Put Ice In A Deep Fryer?

Are you curious to know: what happens when you put ice in a deep fryer? There might be two possible reasons that you are asking this question, either for a science project or to meet your personal cooking curiosity. It doesn’t matter whatever makes you feel curious, you just need to pay attention to the below section to know the answer.

What Happens When You Put Ice In A Deep Fryer?

When you put ice in a deep fryer, the ice will start reacting with the oil instantly due to their huge temperature difference. The ice will start transforming from a frozen state to a liquid state based on the temperature of deep fryer oil. This modification will cause a very violent reaction. And, the intensity of the reaction will depend on the amount of ice you put in the deep fryer.

If you’re willing to do the experiment by yourself then maintain the proper safety distance unless you want to ruin your good look. This is because you can’t imagine what chaotic scene going to happen in front of you.

Whenever you put the ice on hot cooking oil it’ll floats on water and start creating air bubbles.  Besides, there’ll be a lot of hot oil split in the air. Once the ice hits the hot oil, it’ll start melting and you’ve to deal with cold water instead of ice. Without making things complex, let’s tell you the secret behind this thing with a straightforward answer.

Basically, the boiling point of water remains at 100° Celsius while the oil remains between 210° Celsius. From the above data, you can see that the specific heat capacity of water is 2X that of oil.

When the ice collision with extreme temperature it instantly transform into cold water and started to steam. Along with this change, there is a significant amount of changes that occurs in the pressure & volume as well. As a result, the water molecule changes rapidly and released a huge amount of heat based on the pressure & volume.

This is because the molecules of the oil already in a hyperactive state and naturally they’ll rule over the ice which is in a dormant state. As there’s a huge temperature gap between frozen ice & hot liquid oil, there’ll be a violent reaction occur when you introduce both of them. This is because the temperature of the ice rapidly rises. As a result, the molecule’s energy transform from low vibration to high vibration within a very short time.

Let’s talk about the intensity of the reaction. For example, if you put a single ice cube there’ll be a slightly boiling reaction from the oil. Increasing the amount of ice will lead to a violent reaction, even a burst of flame. Trust us, you won’t want to stay anywhere near the deep fryer when this happened.

Deep Frying Mistakes To Avoid

All of us know that consuming oily and fried food isn’t the healthiest one but tell me who doesn’t love to have deep-fried food. Besides the good news is, nowadays you can fry anything you want from meat to chocolate bars, even ice cream balls!

Deep Frying Mistakes To Avoid

Getting these Deep-fried foods from the restaurant is easier but when you going to make these at home you face a lot of complexity. Possible problems are food remains undercooked or burnt, oil spills around the cabinet, and makes things messy.

Below we’re going to show you some of the common mistakes that we usually made while using our deep fryer.

1. Frying At High Temperature

Sometimes for quick-cooking, we accelerate the temperature of our deep fryer. As a result, the food gets burned outside but inside it remained undercooked, and eating these foods causes food poisoning.

For example, if you want to get a crispy fried chicken you just need to keep the temperature between 325°-390°F. Anything more will burn your food from the outside and raw & undercooked from the inside.

2. Frying At Low Temperature

As frying at a high temperature is not an adequate option, frying at a low temperature is not the ideal option too! When you cooked your food at a low temperature, the food becomes soggy and won’t get perfectly crisped. In such a case, you can go for a thermometer to get the adequate temperature of your deep fryer.

Frying At Low Temperature

3. Using the Wrong Oil

When cooking at a deep fryer, it’s better to avoid those oil which has a low smoke point, such as olive and avocado. Always use oil that has a high smoke point, such as peanut & canola oils. Higher smoke oil never changes the flavor of you are cooking like the lower smoke oil.

4. Frying Large Piece of Food

Did you ever notice why French fry always works so perfectly in the deep fryer? Well, the reason is very simple, they are small and perfectly sized. So when you cut your food into small pieces, the speed of your cooking in a deep fryer will automatically increase. And, you get perfectly and thoroughly cooked food.

Frying Large Piece of Food

5. Frying Larger Quantity at Once

While cooking at a deep fryer, we have a tendency to cook all the food at a time which is not a good practice at all. The foods need sufficient room to move around to get properly cooked. So the best option is to make a couple of small batches of your food and cook them gradually.


Now that you’re at the end of this article, you know: what happens when you put ice in a deep fryer? You always need to be careful about the reaction that occurs with ice and deep fryer. Either it’s dry ice or normal it always makes a violent reaction which is not a joke. So, we would like to alert you again and suggest you not try this at home because of the higher possibility of your safety risk.

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