How To Use A Propane Fish Fryer In 6 Simple Steps

Frying is a special cooking technique that brings pleasure to your cooking. It makes your meal tastier and gives your food a jaw-dropping texture. Thus, frying dishes, especially frying fish, draw the attention of most connoisseurs.

For frying fishes, people need to use several cooking utensils. The propane fish fryer is one of those essential kitchen items. It is best suited for cooking fries, fish, chicken, shrimp, and many other relatively excellent foods when they are deep-fried.

But the trouble arises when some people don’t know how to use a propane fish fryer. Without knowing the correct way for frying, they make dishes and don’t get satisfactory results. Sometimes they over fried fishes, even burn them.

That’s why we have come up with a guideline covering all about using the propane fryer correctly. After going through it, you will learn how you can use a propane fish fryer and cook mouthwatering fried fishes. Let’s begin:

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Step – 1: Set up the Propane Fryer

How to Use a Propane Fish Fryer? Set up the Propane Fryer
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First, you should select an open area free of flammable materials. Then place your fish fryer in a suitable area. Make sure the area won’t get soiled because of the spilled oil. Also, make sure that the fryer is thoroughly leveled.

After that, you have to thread the fryer’s regulator cautiously onto the propane’s valve. Ensure that it fits correctly.

Step – 2: Prepare Food

Prepare Food
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Now, you have to bring the frying basket out of the pot and keep it on a nearby kitchen table. You can add the marinated fish to the frying basket. We recommend you not to fill the basket with fishes fully. Nevertheless, you should fill it with fishes only about two-thirds.

It is time to pour cooking oil into the pot. It might be dispensing enough to submerge your fishes completely. You can use peanut oil as it is excellent for deep frying. You can also choose canola oil as it is less expensive, though.

Lastly, ensure that the marinated fish contain less or no water as it may cause the oil to splash out.

Step – 3: Light the Burner

It is time to turn on your propane tank’s gas and light it using a lighter, match, or propane torch. If you can’t light the burner instantly, you should shut off the gas, wait for a couple of minutes and then try again.

After lighting up the burner, place the frying pot on it. Then, you should monitor the temperature if your fryer has any built-in thermometer.

In case you prefer to use other thermometer types, you should wear oven mitts or cooking gloves before inserting them into the hot oil. It will be an added plus if you wear safety glasses while deep frying fishes.

Step – 4: Fry Fishes

How to Use a Propane Fish Fryer? Fry Fishes
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When the oil is heated to 400 degrees or above, you should slowly put the frying basket into the hot oil. You need to lower the fish basket according to how deep you want your fishes to be boiled.

You need to avoid lowering the basket quickly and completely, as it can cause the hot oil splatter. After lowering the frying basket containing fishes, you need to close the pot’s lid to reduce energy consumption.

You need to monitor the cooking temperature constantly. It drops down when you add more fishes and will rise while cooking. So, if needed, you can reduce or increase the flame.

Now, wait for the magic to happen; you will notice bubbling. After passing the preferred frying time, check whether your fishes are entirely fried or not.

Step – 5: Remove the Fish

When you see that fishes get golden brown texture, it is time to lift the basket from the cooking pot. Wait for a while, holding the basket, and let the oil drip out from the fishes completely.

Now, lay the fried fishes on a drying rack. Before laying the fish, place a baking sheet on the rack and put the fish on the sheet over the rack. Give it some time to cool down and serve the fried fish.

Step – 6: Clean the Fryer

How to Use a Propane Fish Fryer? Clean the Fryer
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After finishing cooking, you need to shut off the burner. Plus, turn off the propane tank’s valve. Ensure that both the fryer and oil are entirely cool. Usually, the cooling process requires many hours, so you need to make sure your family members and pets stay away from the propane fish fryer.

You can pour the used oil into a container or a jar—generally, most fryers house valves for draining out the oil. If your fish fryer doesn’t have the facility, you need to lift the pot and pour the used oil into the preferred jar. You can reuse the saved oil a maximum of three to four times.

Then you should dispose it in a sealed container, or you may contact a restaurant or somebody else who will use your oil for recycling. Now, you need to wash the cooking pot and frying basket with dish soap and hot water. That’s it; your propane fish fryer is ready for reuse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best way to deep fry fish?

The best way to deep fry fish is to heat oil up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, add the pieces of fish to the hot oil for approximately 2 to 3 minutes so that they get fully cooked with golden brown color. At that time, the internal temperature will be around 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. How many BTUs do I need to fry fish?

You need 30,000 BTUs to fry fish. For that, you have to pick a grill that comes with 2 or 3 burners of 15,000 BTUs. This is because a single burner grill cannot fry fish well.

3. How long do you leave fish in the deep fryer?

You should leave fish in the deep fryer at 375 degrees Fahrenheit until the fish becomes golden brown color. Depending on how much heat you provide, it might take nearly 5 minutes.


Frying fish is a common and popular way to cook, serve and eat fishes. It is an excellent dish that people serve to their family members and friends when they are at a family gathering or enjoying a party.

The dish brings a pleasant look to people’s faces when they notice the fried fish or sense its aroma. Thus, your fried fishes must have the best taste. Otherwise, people may dislike the fried dish.

As a result, you will feel obnoxious as you host the party. That is why you should be careful enough while preparing the dish. You should never allow anything that can hamper your cooking.

You should follow the best recipe, use fresh fishes, oil, and prepare the dish using the best propane fish fryer. If you follow the guideline, you can surely make the best-fried fish every time you cook.

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