How To Cook Bacon In Air Fryer Oven | Best Air Fryer Bacon Recipe

Preparing bacon in the oven is the classic cooking move. Today, people use the air fryer oven for cooking this delicious meal. They use the air fryer oven as it lets them cook fast without compromising the nutrition and taste.

It can make the crispiest bacon every time without enabling cooks to use excessive cooking oil. But the problem is many beginner cooks don’t know how to cook bacon in air fryer oven. Cooking bacon in the air fryer oven doesn’t require you to follow any hard and fast rule, which means it is pretty simple.

Follow a simple recipe and have patience while air frying the bacon. As you know, bacon comes in all shapes and sizes; some will take a little time while others need up to 15 minutes to get cooked. Below, we will jot down how you can cook bacon using the air fryer oven.

Best Air Fryer Bacon Recipe

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Preheat the Air Fryer Oven

First and foremost, you should preheat the air fryer at 350F; then, you can adjust the heat according to your need. For instance, you can go around 375F or 400F for making your bacon a little crispier.

After preheating the oven, you should pour water into the bottom of the air fryer. At this point, you should put bacon in a single layer of your preheated oven. If needed, you have o cut bacon in half to fit correctly.

Now, begin cooking for eight to ten minutes if your bacon is thin. Otherwise, we recommend you to cook for twelve to fifteen minutes for thick bacon.

Prep Air Fryer Bacon

You need to cut your bacon depending on the size. You may need to cut some bacon in round shape, while others in rectangular. After cutting, you should place them in the air fryer oven’s single layer.

As you already know the cooking time for bacon, we recommend you to check bacon for doneness in the middle of cooking. If you find that it isn’t as crispier as it should be, then cook for a few more minutes.

Tips you may follow:

  • When it is about air frying bacon, people tend to have lots of questions in their minds regarding bacon frying. The most common one is how long they should cook bacon in the air fryer oven. Well, the thicker the bacon is, the more time it will require.
  • For even cooking, you should avoid overlapping or piling the bacon in the oven. Instead, you should keep a single layer of bacon in your air fryer oven.
  • For avoiding smoke, you should have some water placed in the air fryer oven’s bottom. There are some other methods to prevent air fryer smoke, which we will cover in this article.
  • However, pay close attention while frying bacon. You should check more often whether bacon gets the crispy texture or not. Once you master the frying skill, you won’t have to check bacon while cooking.

Prevent Smoke While Frying Bacon

It is a common issue for novices when they try to fry bacon; their air fryer gets smoky. Bacon tends to have a lot of fat dripping off while cooking, and it causes smoke. But users can avert the problem, taking some necessary steps. They can apply any of the two following methods to prevent smoking.

#Technique 1: Water: Cooks can pour a small amount of water into the fryer’s drawer. Experts recommend placing about 1/4 cup water. They need to ensure that water shouldn’t touch the bacon. As you see, all air fryer ovens aren’t the same; you need to find the right amount of water that is best suited for your air fryer.

#Technique 2: Bread: It is a useful method to prevent smoking. You should put a piece of bread at the air fryer’s bottom. It will absorb the bacon’s grease and eliminate smoking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now let’s discuss some other common questions that often arise in the beginner cook’s mind.

1. How healthy are air fried foods?

If you compare air fried food with deep-fried food, we can say that air fried food is much healthier as it is made without using any oil. The only oil the air fryer requires is the cooking spray. Before beginning the cooking, cooks need to spray a bit of oil in the air fryer’s basket. Some air fryer ovens even don’t need any cooking spray as they feature nonstick baskets.

2. Is it risky to use aluminum foil? 

It depends on how you use aluminum foil in the air fryer oven. If you keep the bacon on top of it, then aluminum foil is entirely safe to use. On the contrary, if you place the aluminum foil in the basket underneath the bacon, it is unhealthy as the bacon will drop off its fat on it. Moreover, your bacon won’t get the crispy texture, and even it won’t be tasty as you want.

3. How should I store air fryer bacon?

You should store cooked bacon in the refrigerator, and to keep it, use an airtight container. When you need to use one or more bacon strips, you can reheat them either in the microwave or air fryer oven for about one to two minutes.

Final Words

Alongside being a tasty dish, bacon is perfect for breakfast. You can add them to your burger and make it a next-level burger. You can chop or sprinkle them on salads or casseroles. That means bacon is delicious in so many other ways if it is perfectly cooked.

When it is about cooking the perfectly crispy bacon, no other cooking techniques can beat cooking bacon in the air fryer oven. Although many people haven’t applied this method, it always provides cooks the satisfactory result.

However, frying bacon in the air fryer oven can make splatters on the fryer and produce hot spots. It is, in essence, a sign that some bacon pieces may get cooked faster than others.

Thus, you should check more often while frying, and bring the cooked bacon out of the fryer and leave other undercooked bacon in the air fryer oven as they are.

In this way, you can prevent splattering and hot spots, as well. We hope you get valuable information through our article, and it may help you cook bacon evenly.

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