How To Clean A Deep Fryer With Vinegar? [Advanced Guide]

It is vital to know how to clean a deep fryer, especially if you love to eat fried food that is crispy and mouth-watering. Normally, fryers are used to make fries, crispy chicken, churros or corn dogs that leave debris and grease on it. That’s why your fryer should be cleansed on a regular basis; otherwise, these can contaminate your favorite deep-fried foods and make you sick.

But what procedures should you follow to scrub your fryer? Several ways can be followed, but we prefer using vinegar while cleaning.

Now, a question may commence in your mind: How to Clean a Deep Fryer With Vinegar, right? Well, we have shared some simple but effective tips here regarding the query. So, without any further ado, let’s move to the discussion.

Gather Items [That You Need To Clean Deep Fryer With Vinegar]

Few things should be assembled before going to scrub your deep fryer that are essential. Here we have enlisted items that will make the task easier to be completed.


  • White Vinegar
  • Safety Gloves
  • Dry Cloths
  • Plastic Bag or Container
  • Paper Towel
  • Soft Brush or Old Toothbrush

How To Clean A Deep Fryer With Vinegar [Simple Steps]

Cleaning a deep fryer and basket is not as complicated as you think. An extensive number of people find it hard due to proper guidelines. Keeping that in our mind, we have come up with some simple tactics that will make you believe how easy it is to immaculate a fryer.

How To Clean A Deep Fryer With Vinegar

Step 1: Ensure Safety

Some safety measures have to be ensured before starting the cleaning of a deep fryer. Follow the thing below to put your safety first.

  • At the very beginning, unplug the fryer if it is still plugged in
  • Take a dry cloth and cover it to protect from any kind of debris and water
  • Wear a hand gloves if you have sensitive skin

Step 2: Take Out the Filter & Basket And Remove Oil

It is essential to inspect the cooked oil to stay away from reusing the old and odor smell oil. Apart from that, if old oil remains, it can affect your scrubbing fryer by making it grimy instantly. This kind of oil is normally dark-colored and stuffy. Follow the instructions given below to check & remove oil.

  • After removing from the plug, if the fryer is hot, then allow it to cool down under 150 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid burning.
  • Make sure that it is completely cold and then take out the Filter & Fryer
  • Then drain the oil properly from the fryer
  • Now take a plastic bag or container to pour it for repository

Step 3: Wipe the Deep Fryer

In the third stage, Deep Fryer should be wiped properly with White Vinegar. And you have to know in which portion you should mix water and Vinegar to complete the task. In that case, the below steps can be followed.

  • Include 6 ounces of White Vinegar with ½ a gallon of boiled water
  • Take clean out road to reach the every corner of the fryer and pull out the particles of foods
  • Use the mixture to flush out the deep fryer’s inside in a satisfactory way
  • After rinsing properly, the Vinegar need to be poured out and then cleanse the interior with clear and warm water again
  • Now take a paper towel and dry the interior with it properly

Vinegar solution is one of the effective ways that wash out the existence of neutralizes and debris. Moreover, it removes the bad smell that usually  takes place in a deep fryer.

Step 5: Clean Deep Fryer’s Filter

Once the deep fryer’s inside is cleaned, you have to make sure that the fryer’s  filter is cleaned as well. To wash out the fryer’s filter, you can track down the given steps below.

  • Take the filter and place it in deep sink
  • Fill the sink with hot water and mix ½ cup of White Vinegar and then oil-removing dish liquid
  • Clean the filter and dry it off appropriately

Step 6: Wash off Deep Fryer’s Exterior

Wash off Deep Fryer’s Exterior

The maximum number of people don’t want to clean the outer surface of the deep fryer. But if you notice, you can see that the exterior of the deep fryer leads to a coating of dirt and oil with the passage of time. That’s why, to give your fryer a dazzling aesthetic, you need to scrub with a sponge or cleaning solution that prevents the damage to the surface.  After cleansing, dry off the outer surface with a paper towel.

Clean Fryer Baskets Using Vinegar

Washing the fryer basket is essential as a filter and deep fryer because it is one of the most vital parts that get greasier and dirtier compared to the other parts. For that reason, the Basket should be cleaned regularly after cooking, that you can accomplish using vinegar. If you don’t comprehend how to do it, then check out the step-by-step procedures below.

Clean Fryer Baskets Using Vinegar

  1. Get a paper oil or dry cloth and then extract the oil and grease from both outside and inside the basket.
  2. Place the basket in a sink and include water that should be sufficient to cover it. Now pour a cup of Vinegar on it and allow it to moisten for 10 to 15 minute.
  3. Take a sponge that is made with scrubby nylon and washing liquid and then wash the basket properly so that no, grease and debris can remain.
  4. If you notice that some food particles still remain, then use baking soda and then scrub.
  5. Once the basket is washed with the vinegar, take it out from it and clean with clear water, then allow it to dry air or wipe it with a paper towel.

Safety Tips [ You Must Consider]

No matter whether it is a deep fryer or Fish Fryer, while cleaning you must consider some safety precautions. There are some safety tips that you should keep in mind while cleaning a deep fryer.

  • Before going to rinse your deep fryer, ensure that the oil is cooled and it has been unplugged
  • Deep fryer shouldn’t be immersed into water
  • Read out the user manual for each model first to be assured what things you can apply and what you can’t during the clean.
  • Make sure that the oil is not spilled into the floor, as it is difficult to clean and make the floor slippery.
  • Don’t forget to wear hand gloves if your skin is sensitive.

How Often Should You Clean A Deep Fryer

This is one of the most common questions that we are usually asked by many users. The answer of the query should be cleared, right? Well, how often you should clean a deep fryer actually relies on how frequently you use it. If your deep fryer is used frequently, then you have to alter the oil and wash it after a week or a few days so that the grease cannot be developed. But we recommend cleaning after every frying to avoid building up debris that is hazardous to our health.

Clean A Deep Fryer

Now come to the commercial deep fryer that is different from the deep fryer we usually use. As it is used on a regular basis, it requires cleaning more often compared to the home deep fryer. Experts suggest cleansing a commercial deep fryer regularly to save the customer’s health.

On top of that, for increasing the lifespan of your deep fryer, try not to cook food with salt over the deep fryer as the mixture of hot oil and salt helps to grow free radicals. As a result, the oil breaks down quickly and creates a bad smell and  nasty flavors.

Final Opinion

None can deny the fact that cleaning a deep fryer is a bit hardened, as it needs time and patience. But proper guidelines on How To Clean A Deep Fryer With Vinegar can make it less complicated.

In addition, using Vinegar while cleaning a deep fryer is not only useful, it reduces cost and is affordable too. Furthermore, it is less risky than the other cleaning chemicals that are usually used to scrub commercial deep fryers.

In short, taking care of your deep fryer will make it last longer and keep yourself away from eating contaminated food.

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