How Air Fryer Works Without Oil (Know About Mechanism)

It’s an interesting fact that an air fryer can fry your food without using oil. Of course, it is done without compromising the crispy taste of your food. But, how an air fryer works without oil? If you’re confused about the methodology of an air fryer, don’t worry anymore. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the air fryer. Read on!

What Is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses hot air technology when it comes to baking food. It works fast and is capable of cooking food within less possible time and it works without oil. It is a small size convection oven. In this method, you need to place your food in the designated air fryer basket.

What Is an Air Fryer

Upon turning on the machine, air flow is sucked through the heating element by a fan moving at a high speed. Then the hot air is circulated properly around the food. Surprisingly, the texture and taste of the food are pretty much the same if you compare it to any deep-fried food.

The use of air fryers has been increased to a great extent these days. If you love to make the outside of your food crunchy and the inside of the food juicy, no doubt an air fryer can be a great option. With cook, grill, fries, and bake mode, it will offer you great flexibility in cooking.

Many believe that the fried food from an air fryer is the best possible alternative to traditional deep-fried food. It’s awesome as an air fryer works with 85% less fat consumption even without compromising the taste.

Ease of use, safety, fast operation, are some basic qualities of an air fryer. On top of all these, as it works without oil, and air-fried food will offer you the ultimate health benefits.

How Air fryer Works Without Oil

If you talk about deep frying, it doesn’t work without a pan full of oil. Because the food should be submerged in a pan full of hot oil. But, when it comes to an air fryer, it doesn’t need any oil to cook the food. Works with the hot air convection technology, your French fries will be without excessive oil. Most importantly, the crispy texture will be still there.

But, it is also true that you may not like to eat dry-baked French fries. In that case, I think you can brush just a drizzle of oil on the food to get the job done. If you do so, trust me, the French fries will be well-textured. And of course, you will get the juicy inside along with the crisp texture on the outside. However, you should not put excessive oil when using an air fryer, as it may be flammable.

Now, the question is how does an air fryer work without oil? The methodology used here is pretty much straightforward. There is a big size fan located on the upper top of an air fryer.

It soaks air from the outside environment. After that, the air is passed through the heating element. Then the rapid circulation of hot air around the food inside of the cooking basket to complete the cooking process. So, we can say, an air fryer typically bakes the food using the hot air.

What Type of Pans Can You Use in an Air Fryer?

You should be always careful with the type of pan while air frying. Your cooking basket must be compatible. Besides, make sure that you are using the right accessories that come with your air fryer package. Another important point is, the purpose of an air fryer is so broad these days. At an early age, it was only used for frying.

What Type of Pans Can You Use in an Air Fryer

Now you can bake, reheat, grill, and some other exclusive functions also available with an air fryer. That is the reason why you should think about varieties of pans for use in it. In most cases, pans that are widely used in an air fryer are cake pan, muffin pan and grill pan, etc.

But, you should keep in mind that the pans must be oven-proof. Otherwise, you can’t use them in it. Whether it is made of glass, ceramic, silicone molds, or even metal, make sure that the pan is safe to use in the oven. Otherwise, you may face an unexpected air fryer accident. That’s why I always take good care of safety.

Pros and Cons of an Air Fryer

There is no denying that air fryers are something that can make your day shiny. These kinds of smart appliances are pretty helpful, especially in this modern busy world. Because no one has free time now.

The cooking should be done quickly and smoothly. In that case, it will help you a lot to get the job done even smoothly. But, it comes with its disadvantages as well. Explore the pros and cons of an air fryer below.

Pros of an Air Fryer

There are some great advantages of using an air fryer. No wonder, it will help you a lot in many ways. Read its key advantages below which will help you to understand the product more precisely.

Compact Design

One of the major benefits of an air fryer is it comes with a very compact design. As it is a small convection oven-type cooking appliance, it won’t take much space to set up. If you are in a tight space, it is the best piece of cooking machine you can think about these days.

You can even place it on the countertop of your kitchen. To be honest, it’s larger than a coffee machine, but trust me it is smaller than a big size convection oven. As it’s pretty much small, it will offer you great portability. Like an outdoor fish fryer, you can take your favorite air fryer in any outdoor spot conveniently. Besides, storage is also easy.

Less Oil for Cooking

Honestly, it works without or few amounts of oil, most people buy an air fryer for this benefit. While deep-fried food uses a massive amount of oil for frying, it will get the job done just using the hot air.

To make delicious food, all you need to do is just brush on a few amounts of oil on the food while cooking with an air fryer. However, it can vary based on the type of ingredients you are dealing with.

Cons of air fryer

Don’t take an air fryer for granted. Like other kitchen appliances, it is also not out of its cons which I will discuss below.

Takes More Time

The number one con is it will take more time compared to deep frying. Not to mention, both of the appliances need to preheat the basket, pan, or container.

Typically, deep frying needs more time to heat the pan. But, once the preheat is done, it will take less time for deep-fried food. Because it works with a massive amount of oil which accelerates the cooking process.

Cooking in Batches

If you need to cook for your large family members, or you are thinking about handling a small party, cooking in an air fryer may not be the most viable option. Typically, the compartment basket that comes with it is quite small.

But, to continue the cooking process the hot air must be passed through the food. So, if the air circulation is blocked by any means, you may end up having undercooked foods. That’s the reason you need to go for several batches to complete the requirement of every family member.

Technical Problems

As it is an electrical appliance, it may face issues sometimes. Although it may come with some kind of warranty, still you should expect some kind of periodical technical issues from your air fryer. It could be a circuit problem or maybe an issue with the buttons. Honestly, I think it’s a serious disadvantage of having an air fryer.

Need extra Accessories

Generally, an air fryer comes with pans, a basket, or some other relevant accessories. When you are up to only air frying, they are good enough. But, if you want to bake, grill, or make a roast, you will need to buy extra accessories to get the job done. As a result, your total amount of investment will increase to a great extent.


Another notable con is that air fryers are pretty expensive. Besides, if you buy a standard one, you will not get many exclusive features. If you want to buy a full premium quality air fryer, you may need to increase the budget.

Final Words

Needless to say, the importance of an air fryer in this modern world is not deniable. It has many exclusive benefits. One of the key benefits it offers is it will provide you with food without oil or less amount of oil. I hope now you know how an air fryer works without oil. I wish you a healthy living.

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