Grilled Chicken Vs Fried Chicken: What’s the Difference In 2021?

If you are someone like me who loves chicken in whatever form it comes, this post is for you. At the same time, I can’t deny the taste, nutrition elements, and healthiness can differ in different forms of cooked chicken. For instance, if you talk about grilled chicken vs fried chicken, maybe you will understand it better.

No doubt, fried chicken will offer you a taste, crisp, and an amazing juicy flavor. But, it has a high amount of fat content as well. On the other hand, when it comes to grilled chicken, maybe you will see a different form of cooking.

“Simply put, grilled chicken is uniquely cooked with some sauce by using a grill. When you talk about fried chicken, as the name suggests, it is fried with a little amount of breading which will make it crispy. While frying a notable amount of oil is used in the process. No wonder, both types of chicken are delicious, but grilled chicken may be the healthier option.”

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About Grilled Chicken

Grilling is a popular method to cook chicken healthily. You will need a grilling machine to get the job done. One of the major health benefits of grilled chicken is there will be no excess fat intake. As a result, what you will get is a lean meat of protein. Interestingly, when chicken is grilled, it doesn’t compromise the taste. The loss of nutrients in the entire cooking process is minimal. Of course, the grilled chicken protein is also impressive.

Grilled Chicken

Even though you are not adding that much butter or cooking oil, still grilled chicken comes with the ability to lock moisture.  As dripping and heating both occurred in the grilling process, the overall fat content will be reduced to a great extent. When you talk about low-fat healthier food, it is one of the best options you can think of right now.

Besides, the calories in grilled chicken will be low compared to barbecue fried chicken. I think you already know the fact that a high amount of calories can be a good reason for obesity and other diseases. On the other hand, a balanced calorie count will keep you fit.

About Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is usually cooked in oil. In any kind of fried food, the amount of fat and calories will be massive. Not to mention, your level of cholesterol and susceptibility to obesity will be increased for this excessive amount of fried chicken fat. Besides, many of your food nutrients will be lost. That is why fried chicken is one of the less healthy foods.

Fried Chicken

We all know, fried chicken is a less healthy diet than grilled chicken. Still, many of us can’t resist having it because of its flavorful taste. However, it is also true that there will be an extra layer of saturated fat in fried chicken due to the excessive amount of frying oils.

Maybe you like to eat that tasty fried chicken wings, but keep in mind it may cause unexpected obesity. On top of all these, they are not that easy to digest. Because of extra fat, your digestive system needs to do more work to get the job done. If you have digestive diseases like gallstones or even ulcers, having too much fatty food like fried chicken may increase its intensity.

Grilled Chicken Vs Fried Chicken: (Side by Side Comparison Table)

Factors Grilled Chicken Fried Chicken
How To Prepare? You can make it using a grill or even an outdoor stove. You need to cook it over direct heat. In this case, you should place the kitchen meat in hot oil.
Nutrients Value Vitamins and minerals will be lost at a minimum level. A good amount of minerals and vitamins will be lost from the meat. Besides, there will be an extra layer of saturated fat.
Effect on Cholesterol The skin of skin will increase the level of cholesterol in your body Both high fat and skin will contribute to increased cholesterol.
End Product Tender feel on the inside, interestingly, crunchy on the outside. Crispy chicken on the outside, but still tenderness will exist inside.
Long-Term Impact on Health It will help you maintain a healthy body weight. It may cause weight gain and obesity.

The Difference Between Grilled Chicken and Fried Chicken

When you talk about fried chicken, you can imagine a tender inside while total crispiness on the outside. There will be a mix of seasonings that are applied to a fried chicken. Then it is properly breaded before frying in the oil.

When you use flour or breadcrumbs, your chicken will be amazingly crispy. But, trust me it will never compromise the tenderness in the inside of the chicken.

Grilled Chicken Vs Fried Chicken

On the other hand, in the case of grilled chicken, it is chewy and even crunchy on the outside, but still, you will feel tenderness in every bite. You can cook it on a grill or outdoor stove. Another notable point is that it is cooked on one side for the first time.

Then you need to change the side. You can make the chicken seasoned or marinated for a few hours before moving to the main cooking methods. As a result, when grilled it will become a nice, flavorful, and brownish chicken.

However, the texture may vary somewhat depending on the heat source. For instance, if you use wood or charcoal, you will get a smoky flavor in your grilled chicken.

Fried Chicken vs. Grilled Chicken: Calories

If you think about nutritional factors, there are lots of differences between these two types of chicken. First of all, you don’t need to drown chicken in oil while grilling. It doesn’t matter whether there is skin or not, grilled chicken is low in calories compared to fried chicken.

The cut is different when you are cutting breasts, wings, or drumsticks. For grilling or even frying, in most cases, thighs and breasts are widely used. If you take a 3.5-ounce of grilled chicken thigh with skin, there will be 229 calories and there will be 15.5 grams of fat. When you talk about grilled chicken without skin, the calories will be 209 and there will be only 10.9 grams of fat.

Let’s talk about chicken breast. A 3.5-0unce of skinless chicken breast while grilled will give you 165 calories and there will be 3.6 grams of fat. While the skin on, the calories will be 197, and fat will be only 8 grams. On the other hand, if you talk about fried chicken breast, it contains 14 grams of fat along with 320 calories.

Surprisingly, if it’s fried twice, the number of calories will be 490 while it will have 29 grams of fat. We can see here, the skin will add extra fat and calories to the chicken. And of course, grilled chicken is healthier than fried chicken.

How Do I Make My Final Selection Decision?

Before making the final judgment think carefully, what is your main priority-taste or health?  To be honest, you can go for grilled chicken, and also you can make fried chicken. But, whatever you choose, make sure that you are choosing smartly.

You can also think about grilling or frying chicken by yourself. You should do that if you can’t trust restaurant food. Besides, most of the restaurants add more ingredients with chicken which will increase its calorie to a great extent.

You can also make other necessary adjustments while making your chicken. You can even reduce the amount of char in a grilled chicken. When you talk about fried chicken, don’t go deep-frying. Instead use an outdoor fryer for better results. Honestly, going for grilled chicken is healthier than fried chicken. In my opinion, health comes first over everything else.

Final Words

There is no denying that chicken can be cooked in so many ways. But, not every type of recipe will satisfy your expectations. If you talk about grilled chicken vs fried chicken, the first one is the healthier option. Because the second one will increase the level of fat and cholesterol in your body.

However, I must conclude by saying that the ultimate choice is yours. You can prioritize taste or health as per your wish. But, choosing health over everything is a wise decision.

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