Can You Use An Air Fryer To Dehydrate Food?

Can You Use An Air Fryer To Dehydrate Food

If you want to live healthily, you must eat healthily. Otherwise, you will end up having undesirable diseases. While cooking oil is a great part of our daily life, taking it regularly may increase the level of cholesterol in your body. The good news is since the invention of the air fryer, the entire cooking methods of many families have changed dramatically.

As it doesn’t require oil or you will need only a few drizzles of oil to cook in an air fryer, the foods are healthier. Besides cooking food, an air fryer can be used in other important tasks too. Now, the question is can you use an air fryer to dehydrate food? The answer is yes; you can use it. Manufacturers these days include dehydrating settings in the air fryer.

This article will focus on the dehydrating option of an air fryer. Continue reading to get a deep insight into it.

What Is Food Dehydration?

If you want to know about food dehydration, let me tell you first, it is drying out the food. By doing so, food will be preserved for longer periods of time. The food dehydrating process is not a new strategy. People have been doing this for centuries so that they can increase the shelf-life of food.

Food Dehydration

Especially, back in the days, when there was no refrigerator or freezer, and also no technology for canning food, people used to dehydrate food. It will help them stop food from going bad. The food drying process is applied particularly for fruit, fish, and even meat. The science behind this is pretty much straightforward.

Upon removal of the water from food, no bacteria can grow in there, meaning the food will last longer. However, the process is not that easy. You must remove the moisture of the food slowly.

The air fryer temperature should not be high. There are several ways to dehydrate food. One of the traditional ways is keeping the food in the rack and drying it in the sun. If you are living in a sunny country, you can go for the sun-dry dehydrating process. Another popular method of food preservation is salting it thoroughly. You need to apply a lot of salt.

This is quite popular when it comes to dehydrating meat and fish. Salt has a dehydrating power and it can pull out water from the food. It will also kill microbes. But, if you talk about fruit, you need another good alternative way of dehydration.

Is Dehydrated Food Safe?

As I mentioned earlier, dehydration is a very old method to preserve food. If you do it correctly, of course, it’s safe. You can dehydrate food in many ways. Each type of food has its benefits and disadvantages as well. As you remove all water content, the food will be left with only nutrients and solids.

Is Dehydrated Food Safe

As there is no water left, bacteria will not love to grow there. If you don’t want to follow natural dehydration methods, you can do it by using an electric dehydrator. Whether you want to do it in a microwave or standard convection oven, or an air fryer, the dehydration will be perfect.

But, make sure that you have followed the right way. If you use food dehydrators, the entire process will be more simplified as they are specially designed to serve that purpose. Using electronic gadgets will make dehydration more perfect.

Amazingly, the food will last even longer. Now, if you talk about the safety issues, I must say, if you perfectly dehydrate food, it is quite safe to eat up to its extended periods of shelf life.

Can You Use an Air Fryer to Dehydrate Food?

Now that you already know that you can use an electronic gadget like an air fryer to dehydrate food, most probably you are still confused whether it is true or not. Can you use it in the dehydration process? Yes, you can do it. In fact, you can dehydrate meat in an air fryer.

Can You Use An Air Fryer To Dehydrate Food

But, you must consider some important factors before going to start dehydrating food in an air fryer. Not every air fryer comes with the ability to perfectly dehydrate foods. That’s why you must check the following things in your unit so that it can work perfectly.

1. Can Your Air Fryer Go Low Under at Least 200 Degrees Fahrenheit?

First of all, check whether if you can set the temperature of your air fryer under 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you can, it is good enough to dehydrate your food. The dehydration process can be done with slightly high temperature settings, but it may burn the food you are dehydrating.

In most cases, 112 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect for dehydration if you are dehydrating herbs and fruit. Also, it will help you to keep the enzymes in your dehydrated food.

Now, when you talk about another kind of recipe like beef jerky, you can go for a temperature of about 150-200 degrees. So, setting up the temperature to the right level is pretty much important when using an air fryer.

2. Can It Vent?

Can moist air escape from the air fryer while dehydrating food? You must ensure that your unit can vent properly so that dry and warm air can be replaced with moist air. If you use a conventional oven, you must ensure proper air venting.

The same things go for an air fryer too. In most cases, air fryers come with a built-in air vent that will remove any kind of smoke from them. So, make sure that your air fryer has this feature for perfect food dehydration.

3. Does It Have Drying Space?

The next thing you need to consider is whether your air fryer basket comes with the ability to a good amount of dehydrated food at a time. You can go for air fryer racks which will easily fit into the air fryer. Simply put, you should make your air fryer perfect with additional accessories for the dehydration process.

However, you must be careful with the airflow in your air fryer. The air should be circulated correctly through all sides of the food. No doubt, if you use the right air fryer, it is a perfect appliance for giving you well-dehydrated foods.

4. Double Check Everything

Finally, you need to confirm with the manufacturer whether your model is compatible to do dehydration work. Because the truth is there is a risk that the heating element of your unit can be destroyed after being used for dehydration.  That is why you should cross-check with the manufacturer whether your air fryer comes with a dehydrating option.

In a nutshell, yes you can use an air fryer to dehydrate your foods. But don’t forget to consider the above-mentioned factors before doing that. Honestly, it is a great appliance to give you multiple benefits. Think about an outdoor fryer that works for deep frying, or other similar appliances which don’t possess the ability of dehydrating foods. But, if you use an air fryer, it will make your life even easier.

Difference Between Air Fryer & Food Dehydrator

I have mentioned earlier almost everything about food dehydration. It is a process to remove the water and moisture from food. As a result, there will be only nutritional and solid elements left in the food. When it comes to moist or wet foods, it is one of the favorable places for growing bacteria and even fungi. No doubt, they are the main reason for food spoilage.

So, by dehydrating food, you make it more durable with longer shelf life. There is no denying that both air fryers and dedicated food dehydrators are so good for dehydrating foods. You can even make dry healthy snacks of food by using them. As a result, you can use those dehydrated snacks for a long period of time.

But, there are many differences between an air fryer and a food dehydrator. As the name suggests, a food dehydrator is specially built to dehydrate foods only. On the other hand, if you talk about an air fryer, besides dehydrating foods, you can also use it for cooking purposes.

You can make several recipes in an air fryer along with dehydrating it. For instance, you can take the air fryer apple chips recipe as an example. To be honest, if you want to get more benefits, choosing an air fryer can be the best option.


I think now you know the benefits of food dehydration. Although there are natural ways to dehydrate foods, still dedicated appliances will give you some technological advantage. So, can you use an air fryer to dehydrate food? Of course, you can do that. But make sure first, you know what you are doing.

Grilled Chicken Vs Fried Chicken: What’s the Difference In 2021?

Grilled Chicken Vs Fried Chicken

If you are someone like me who loves chicken in whatever form it comes, this post is for you. At the same time, I can’t deny the taste, nutrition elements, and healthiness can differ in different forms of cooked chicken. For instance, if you talk about grilled chicken vs fried chicken, maybe you will understand it better.

No doubt, fried chicken will offer you a taste, crisp, and an amazing juicy flavor. But, it has a high amount of fat content as well. On the other hand, when it comes to grilled chicken, maybe you will see a different form of cooking.

“Simply put, grilled chicken is uniquely cooked with some sauce by using a grill. When you talk about fried chicken, as the name suggests, it is fried with a little amount of breading which will make it crispy. While frying a notable amount of oil is used in the process. No wonder, both types of chicken are delicious, but grilled chicken may be the healthier option.”

Want to know more? Read on!

About Grilled Chicken

Grilling is a popular method to cook chicken healthily. You will need a grilling machine to get the job done. One of the major health benefits of grilled chicken is there will be no excess fat intake. As a result, what you will get is a lean meat of protein. Interestingly, when chicken is grilled, it doesn’t compromise the taste. The loss of nutrients in the entire cooking process is minimal. Of course, the grilled chicken protein is also impressive.

Grilled Chicken

Even though you are not adding that much butter or cooking oil, still grilled chicken comes with the ability to lock moisture.  As dripping and heating both occurred in the grilling process, the overall fat content will be reduced to a great extent. When you talk about low-fat healthier food, it is one of the best options you can think of right now.

Besides, the calories in grilled chicken will be low compared to barbecue fried chicken. I think you already know the fact that a high amount of calories can be a good reason for obesity and other diseases. On the other hand, a balanced calorie count will keep you fit.

About Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is usually cooked in oil. In any kind of fried food, the amount of fat and calories will be massive. Not to mention, your level of cholesterol and susceptibility to obesity will be increased for this excessive amount of fried chicken fat. Besides, many of your food nutrients will be lost. That is why fried chicken is one of the less healthy foods.

Fried Chicken

We all know, fried chicken is a less healthy diet than grilled chicken. Still, many of us can’t resist having it because of its flavorful taste. However, it is also true that there will be an extra layer of saturated fat in fried chicken due to the excessive amount of frying oils.

Maybe you like to eat that tasty fried chicken wings, but keep in mind it may cause unexpected obesity. On top of all these, they are not that easy to digest. Because of extra fat, your digestive system needs to do more work to get the job done. If you have digestive diseases like gallstones or even ulcers, having too much fatty food like fried chicken may increase its intensity.

Grilled Chicken Vs Fried Chicken: (Side by Side Comparison Table)

Factors Grilled Chicken Fried Chicken
How To Prepare? You can make it using a grill or even an outdoor stove. You need to cook it over direct heat. In this case, you should place the kitchen meat in hot oil.
Nutrients Value Vitamins and minerals will be lost at a minimum level. A good amount of minerals and vitamins will be lost from the meat. Besides, there will be an extra layer of saturated fat.
Effect on Cholesterol The skin of skin will increase the level of cholesterol in your body Both high fat and skin will contribute to increased cholesterol.
End Product Tender feel on the inside, interestingly, crunchy on the outside. Crispy chicken on the outside, but still tenderness will exist inside.
Long-Term Impact on Health It will help you maintain a healthy body weight. It may cause weight gain and obesity.

The Difference Between Grilled Chicken and Fried Chicken

When you talk about fried chicken, you can imagine a tender inside while total crispiness on the outside. There will be a mix of seasonings that are applied to a fried chicken. Then it is properly breaded before frying in the oil.

When you use flour or breadcrumbs, your chicken will be amazingly crispy. But, trust me it will never compromise the tenderness in the inside of the chicken.

Grilled Chicken Vs Fried Chicken

On the other hand, in the case of grilled chicken, it is chewy and even crunchy on the outside, but still, you will feel tenderness in every bite. You can cook it on a grill or outdoor stove. Another notable point is that it is cooked on one side for the first time.

Then you need to change the side. You can make the chicken seasoned or marinated for a few hours before moving to the main cooking methods. As a result, when grilled it will become a nice, flavorful, and brownish chicken.

However, the texture may vary somewhat depending on the heat source. For instance, if you use wood or charcoal, you will get a smoky flavor in your grilled chicken.

Fried Chicken vs. Grilled Chicken: Calories

If you think about nutritional factors, there are lots of differences between these two types of chicken. First of all, you don’t need to drown chicken in oil while grilling. It doesn’t matter whether there is skin or not, grilled chicken is low in calories compared to fried chicken.

The cut is different when you are cutting breasts, wings, or drumsticks. For grilling or even frying, in most cases, thighs and breasts are widely used. If you take a 3.5-ounce of grilled chicken thigh with skin, there will be 229 calories and there will be 15.5 grams of fat. When you talk about grilled chicken without skin, the calories will be 209 and there will be only 10.9 grams of fat.

Let’s talk about chicken breast. A 3.5-0unce of skinless chicken breast while grilled will give you 165 calories and there will be 3.6 grams of fat. While the skin on, the calories will be 197, and fat will be only 8 grams. On the other hand, if you talk about fried chicken breast, it contains 14 grams of fat along with 320 calories.

Surprisingly, if it’s fried twice, the number of calories will be 490 while it will have 29 grams of fat. We can see here, the skin will add extra fat and calories to the chicken. And of course, grilled chicken is healthier than fried chicken.

How Do I Make My Final Selection Decision?

Before making the final judgment think carefully, what is your main priority-taste or health?  To be honest, you can go for grilled chicken, and also you can make fried chicken. But, whatever you choose, make sure that you are choosing smartly.

You can also think about grilling or frying chicken by yourself. You should do that if you can’t trust restaurant food. Besides, most of the restaurants add more ingredients with chicken which will increase its calorie to a great extent.

You can also make other necessary adjustments while making your chicken. You can even reduce the amount of char in a grilled chicken. When you talk about fried chicken, don’t go deep-frying. Instead use an outdoor fryer for better results. Honestly, going for grilled chicken is healthier than fried chicken. In my opinion, health comes first over everything else.

Final Words

There is no denying that chicken can be cooked in so many ways. But, not every type of recipe will satisfy your expectations. If you talk about grilled chicken vs fried chicken, the first one is the healthier option. Because the second one will increase the level of fat and cholesterol in your body.

However, I must conclude by saying that the ultimate choice is yours. You can prioritize taste or health as per your wish. But, choosing health over everything is a wise decision.

How Air Fryer Works Without Oil (Know About Mechanism)

Air Fryer Works Without oil

It’s an interesting fact that an air fryer can fry your food without using oil. Of course, it is done without compromising the crispy taste of your food. But, how an air fryer works without oil? If you’re confused about the methodology of an air fryer, don’t worry anymore. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the air fryer. Read on!

What Is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses hot air technology when it comes to baking food. It works fast and is capable of cooking food within less possible time and it works without oil. It is a small size convection oven. In this method, you need to place your food in the designated air fryer basket.

What Is an Air Fryer

Upon turning on the machine, air flow is sucked through the heating element by a fan moving at a high speed. Then the hot air is circulated properly around the food. Surprisingly, the texture and taste of the food are pretty much the same if you compare it to any deep-fried food.

The use of air fryers has been increased to a great extent these days. If you love to make the outside of your food crunchy and the inside of the food juicy, no doubt an air fryer can be a great option. With cook, grill, fries, and bake mode, it will offer you great flexibility in cooking.

Many believe that the fried food from an air fryer is the best possible alternative to traditional deep-fried food. It’s awesome as an air fryer works with 85% less fat consumption even without compromising the taste.

Ease of use, safety, fast operation, are some basic qualities of an air fryer. On top of all these, as it works without oil, and air-fried food will offer you the ultimate health benefits.

How Air fryer Works Without Oil

If you talk about deep frying, it doesn’t work without a pan full of oil. Because the food should be submerged in a pan full of hot oil. But, when it comes to an air fryer, it doesn’t need any oil to cook the food. Works with the hot air convection technology, your French fries will be without excessive oil. Most importantly, the crispy texture will be still there.

But, it is also true that you may not like to eat dry-baked French fries. In that case, I think you can brush just a drizzle of oil on the food to get the job done. If you do so, trust me, the French fries will be well-textured. And of course, you will get the juicy inside along with the crisp texture on the outside. However, you should not put excessive oil when using an air fryer, as it may be flammable.

Now, the question is how does an air fryer work without oil? The methodology used here is pretty much straightforward. There is a big size fan located on the upper top of an air fryer.

It soaks air from the outside environment. After that, the air is passed through the heating element. Then the rapid circulation of hot air around the food inside of the cooking basket to complete the cooking process. So, we can say, an air fryer typically bakes the food using the hot air.

What Type of Pans Can You Use in an Air Fryer?

You should be always careful with the type of pan while air frying. Your cooking basket must be compatible. Besides, make sure that you are using the right accessories that come with your air fryer package. Another important point is, the purpose of an air fryer is so broad these days. At an early age, it was only used for frying.

What Type of Pans Can You Use in an Air Fryer

Now you can bake, reheat, grill, and some other exclusive functions also available with an air fryer. That is the reason why you should think about varieties of pans for use in it. In most cases, pans that are widely used in an air fryer are cake pan, muffin pan and grill pan, etc.

But, you should keep in mind that the pans must be oven-proof. Otherwise, you can’t use them in it. Whether it is made of glass, ceramic, silicone molds, or even metal, make sure that the pan is safe to use in the oven. Otherwise, you may face an unexpected air fryer accident. That’s why I always take good care of safety.

Pros and Cons of an Air Fryer

There is no denying that air fryers are something that can make your day shiny. These kinds of smart appliances are pretty helpful, especially in this modern busy world. Because no one has free time now.

The cooking should be done quickly and smoothly. In that case, it will help you a lot to get the job done even smoothly. But, it comes with its disadvantages as well. Explore the pros and cons of an air fryer below.

Pros of an Air Fryer

There are some great advantages of using an air fryer. No wonder, it will help you a lot in many ways. Read its key advantages below which will help you to understand the product more precisely.

Compact Design

One of the major benefits of an air fryer is it comes with a very compact design. As it is a small convection oven-type cooking appliance, it won’t take much space to set up. If you are in a tight space, it is the best piece of cooking machine you can think about these days.

You can even place it on the countertop of your kitchen. To be honest, it’s larger than a coffee machine, but trust me it is smaller than a big size convection oven. As it’s pretty much small, it will offer you great portability. Like an outdoor fish fryer, you can take your favorite air fryer in any outdoor spot conveniently. Besides, storage is also easy.

Less Oil for Cooking

Honestly, it works without or few amounts of oil, most people buy an air fryer for this benefit. While deep-fried food uses a massive amount of oil for frying, it will get the job done just using the hot air.

To make delicious food, all you need to do is just brush on a few amounts of oil on the food while cooking with an air fryer. However, it can vary based on the type of ingredients you are dealing with.

Cons of air fryer

Don’t take an air fryer for granted. Like other kitchen appliances, it is also not out of its cons which I will discuss below.

Takes More Time

The number one con is it will take more time compared to deep frying. Not to mention, both of the appliances need to preheat the basket, pan, or container.

Typically, deep frying needs more time to heat the pan. But, once the preheat is done, it will take less time for deep-fried food. Because it works with a massive amount of oil which accelerates the cooking process.

Cooking in Batches

If you need to cook for your large family members, or you are thinking about handling a small party, cooking in an air fryer may not be the most viable option. Typically, the compartment basket that comes with it is quite small.

But, to continue the cooking process the hot air must be passed through the food. So, if the air circulation is blocked by any means, you may end up having undercooked foods. That’s the reason you need to go for several batches to complete the requirement of every family member.

Technical Problems

As it is an electrical appliance, it may face issues sometimes. Although it may come with some kind of warranty, still you should expect some kind of periodical technical issues from your air fryer. It could be a circuit problem or maybe an issue with the buttons. Honestly, I think it’s a serious disadvantage of having an air fryer.

Need extra Accessories

Generally, an air fryer comes with pans, a basket, or some other relevant accessories. When you are up to only air frying, they are good enough. But, if you want to bake, grill, or make a roast, you will need to buy extra accessories to get the job done. As a result, your total amount of investment will increase to a great extent.


Another notable con is that air fryers are pretty expensive. Besides, if you buy a standard one, you will not get many exclusive features. If you want to buy a full premium quality air fryer, you may need to increase the budget.

Final Words

Needless to say, the importance of an air fryer in this modern world is not deniable. It has many exclusive benefits. One of the key benefits it offers is it will provide you with food without oil or less amount of oil. I hope now you know how an air fryer works without oil. I wish you a healthy living.

Can You Stack Food In An Air Fryer [Get Details]

Can You Stack Food In An Air Fryer

As an air fryer user, you know that it uses hot air to cook food properly and air circulation is the core thing that matters the most. Now if someone asks you: Can You Stack Food In An Air Fryer, What would you reply? If you’re new to air fryers then you can read this article to get the proper idea about this question. Stacking food in an air fryer is possible if you know the air frying cooking principle.

Anything you cook in the air fryer uses hot air circulation that is generated from your air fryer. Besides, the in-house cabinet of the air fryer is usually not big. As a result, you can’t stack larger quantities of food in the air fryer that possibly blocks the air circulation ways. To learn more about this read the below article.

Can I Stack Fish in My Air Fryer?

Basically, large and heavy food like fish, meat are not recommended for stacking in the air fryer as they could disrupt or block the airflow. But don’t lose hope, if the size of fish doesn’t interrupt the airflow you can surely stack it in your air fryer. Besides, the best option is to use an air fryer basket or rack to ensure proper air circulation to your food. If you need more ideas about fish stacking then you can check our expert  Fish Fryer Review.

Stack Fish in My Air Fryer

Can You Stack Food In An Air Fryer?

If you have an air fryer in your kitchen then you may want to cook a lot of things with it. Now if we ask you: Can You Stack Food In An Air Fryer? What would be your answer? Well, if you don’t know the answer, we are here to help you!

Stack Fish in My Air Fryer

Yes, you can stack food with air fryers but you’ve to understand that there are some kinds of food that you can’t stack properly with air fryers. For example: stacking food like fries, chicken wings, chopped vegetables, sliced potatoes, etc. can be stacked on air fryers easily. But when you want to stack food like beef, fish, chicken, etc, you need to be more careful.

The fact is stacking food with an air fryer is not recommended unless the food is lightweight and small in size. Otherwise, hot air won’t circulate around the food properly which is crucial for stacking the food with an air fryer. Besides, while cooking heavy food in the air-fryer you need to remember that the food might be unevenly cooked, take higher cooking time, or remain raw food.

As you know that air fryers cook the food with hot circulating air and it requires sufficient space to provide the hot air around the food. Just because of the flow of air circulation, there is some food that could perfectly be stacked in the air fryers and some food won’t. If you look carefully at the basket you get with your air fryers. You’ll see that there’s sufficient space at the bottom and the edge of the basket for proper air movement.

For example, if you fill the basket with heavy food like beef, chicken & don’t leave any space in the basket. Then you won’t get the perfect stack. Because of overfilling the food won’t get sufficient airflow and it’ll result in undercooked food.

On the other hand, stacking small foods like potatoes, vegetable slices, etc. is very easy to air fry with air fryers. As they are small in size and thinner that allows the hot air circulation properly around the food. From the above discussion, we believe you have understood that stacking is possible with an air fryer but there are some limitations.

When you understand the limitation, it is just a matter of time to stack food with an air fryer. Always remember, when you are going to make a large or heavy food stack the air fryer will struggle with air circulation. As a result, your stacked food gets overcooked at the bottom and undercooked at the top.  But when the food is small, it gets proper air circulation and you get the perfect stack.

What is the best way to stack food in an air fryer?

There are some easy ways to stack food in the air fryer without interrupting the airflow. Right below this segment, we’re going to show you some of the easiest ways through that you can effectively stack food item on your air fryer.

best way to stack food in an air fryer

1. Air Fryer Racks

Almost every air fryer comes with the necessary air fryer basket & racks. Then again you can buy additional accessories from a local shop/online if your air fryer doesn’t include them.  Air fryer racks work outstanding while stacking food for minimal space and they ensure air circulation around the food properly.

Air Fryer Racks

2. Select the Large One

If you purchase a small air fryer then you can’t cook a meal for the entire family. Purchasing a big one will assist you to stack a lot more food conveniently. Though the bigger one will cost more, in the long run, you’ll get more benefit from the large unit.

3. Batch Cooking

If the above-mentioned methods are unable to fulfill your requirements then you can go for the batch cooking method. Instead of stacking a large amount of foods together, you can divide them into batches based on your air fryer’s available space. When you divide the food into small batches the hot air can circulate properly around your food. Though it’s a time-consuming method, cooking fish and meat becomes easier in this process

Which Foods You Can Stack In An Air Fryer

Any lightweight and thin food that won’t restrict the hot air of the air fryer can be stacked on the air fryer. Right below this section, we are going to show you what type of food you can perfectly stack on your air fryer.

Stack In An Air Fryer

  • Fries
  • Small Piece of Vegetables
  • Donuts
  • Chicken wings
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Potato slice

Which Foods You shouldn’t Stack in An Air Fryer

An air fryer is not compatible with stacking all types of food you want. To maintain the proper air circulation inside the air fryer, there is some food that you shouldn’t stack with an air fryer. Below we are going to show you some of the foods that you shouldn’t stack with your air fryer.

shouldn’t Stack in An Air Fryer

  • Steak
  • Chicken Breasts
  • Pork Chops
  • Fish
  • Burgers
  • Ribs


Stacking food in an air fryer is very easy if you know how Can You Stack Food In An Air Fryer without blocking the heating component. As hot air distribution is the core thing of cooking food in an air fryer, you need to make sure of the proper air circulation.

Sometimes we stack a huge amount of foods in an air fryer that blocks the ways of air circulation and ultimately we get uneven and undercooked food. But if you use air fryer racks, cut your food into small pieces, avoid large size food, you can perfectly stack food in your air fryer. So stacking food in an air fryer is possible, you just need to follow its cooking principle.

How To Clean Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Lid – Expert Guide

How To Clean Ninja Food Air Fryer Lid

What is ninja foodi? It is a durable multi-purpose cooking appliance that can be used as a steamer, oven, dehydrator, roaster, and even slow cooker. Through ninja foodi, you can cook different types of food by maintaining the accurate food taste. Its lid technology does a great job of cooking food with quality taste.

The lid is among the many main components of ninja foodi, and there are two different lids, including a pressure-cooking lid and a crisping lid. However, when you use ninja food regularly, you might need to clean the lids to prevent grease build-up. Grease will decently ruin the food taste and also cause many other issues. Therefore, you need to clean the lid of your ninja air fryer frequently. However, you must know “How To Clean Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Lid” properly, otherwise, the wrong approach can damage it.

About Ninja Air Fryer Lid

Earlier, we have mentioned two types of lids: a pressure cooker lid and an air fryer or crisping lid. The pressure-cooking lid is the detachable lid, which you can easily place, remove and store as you need. On the other hand, a crisping lid is a non-removable lid, and it is attached to the foodi to give seamless cooking. Both types of lids are used for cooking different dishes, and both provide different cooking experiences.

Ninja Air Fryer Lid 

Moreover, the air fryer lid has a heating element, which will give your cooked food a crisp texture. Many recommend Outdoor Fish Fryer to get deep-fried and crispy food taste, but it doesn’t offer lid components like ninja foodi. Furthermore, foodi also has unique TenderCrisp technology, which will let you prepare delicious recipes with less oil.

What You’ll Need to Clean Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Lid

Preparing the proper equipment will ensure ninja foodi air fryer lid cleaning efficiency. Here are some cleaning tools that you will need while cleaning the air fryer lid.


  • Non-stick sponge or lint-free cloth
  • A bottle brush with nylon bristles and flexible plastic-coated wire handles
  • Damp cloth
  • Paper towel
  • 250ml lemon juice
  • Two cups of warm water or 250ml hot water

How To Clean Ninja Food Air Fryer Lid

When you do not know the appropriate way to clean the ninja foodi air fryer lid, cleaning can lead to several damages. However, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to clean the air fryer lid without causing any particular damage.

How To Clean Ninja Food Air Fryer Lid

Step 1:  Before starting to clean the air fryer lid of ninja foodi, make sure you have unplugged the device. That is because it will keep you safe from electric issues.

Step 2:   You need to put two cups of 250ml hot water into the ninja foodi pot and then mix 250ml lemon juice. Or you can do it manually; by boiling the water and lemon juice mixture, it will be easy for you to clean it. The steam of the mixture will help to clean the grill area efficiently.

Step 3:   Now use a non-stick sponge or lint-free cloth to clean the grill, and we recommend using a non-stick sponge. Soak the sponge into the mixture and scrub the grill area through it. Keep scrubbing until you get a satisfying cleaning surface.

Step 4:   Now, you have to use the bottle brush to clean nooks and crannies areas. Take the small size brush, dip it into the mixture and insert it inside the grill, and scrub. Bottle brushes are flexible, so you can bend them to reach the tiny area.

Step 5:    Keep scrubbing the inside area until it comes out fully clean and grease-free. This whole scrubbing process will take 10 to 15 minutes. If there is any grime on the edges, use a narrow stick and damp cloth to clean those areas.

Step 6:   Once you are done, now use a paper towel to wipe out or remove the excess water. Let the air fryer lid completely dry before storing it for next use.

Things To Remember When Cleaning Ninja Air fryer Lid

While cleaning the ninja air fryer lid, you must follow certain precautions to save your appliance from irreparable damage. Here are some facts that you must remember and follow while cleaning the air fryer lid.

  • Before starting the process of cleaning the lid, always be sure to disconnect the power supply line and turn off the fryer. Also, let it cool before cleaning.
  • Never put the pressure lid of the ninja foodi air fryer into the dishwasher. That is because the lid is not dishwasher safe, and it can cause much potential damage to the lid.
  • While some users consider using oven cleaner, it can cause damage to the lid. That is because the oven cleaner contains chemicals and ninja foodi and its lid is not chemical safe.
  • Never use a steel wire brush, metal utensils, and abrasive singers to remove grease and food particles. Using these types of elements can significantly damage the ninja foodi air fryer’s lid.
  • Never drown the lid of a ninja foodi air fryer in water. When you submerge the air fryer lid, then water can cause damage to the lid.


Basically, ninja foodi is a long-lasting kitchen appliance, but it still requires proper maintenance to use for a long time. Maintenance cannot be done without proper cleaning of its components, especially the lid. When you use the foodi a couple of times, some grease can automatically build upon the lid. The grease will ruin the taste and cause smoke as well. However, since you have learned  How To Clean Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Lid, now you can make your lid grease-free and clean.